Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25 – July 26, 2012

Today’s Good News
Thanks to the clever and coordinated efforts of several First Precinct detectives and officers recently, two armed robbers were quickly identified and arrested. After the victim provided the robbers’ license plate number, the officers tracked down the vehicle and identified the robbers and their location to within several multiple apartment buildings.

To safely make the arrests, they arranged for the suspects’ vehicle to be towed. When the robbers came out of the apartment to see why their vehicle was being towed, the officers arrested them without incident. Good work Sgt. Jayson Walter and Officers Steve Moore, Michael Stinger, Kevin Hyde, Michael Bryson and Focus Mission Team Det. Kevin Hughes and Officers Kenneth Custer, Harry Fitzpatrick, Thomas Gilbert and John Hill!

DISCLAIMER: The following incidents are preliminary in nature and are subject to change after investigation.  Please note that the entries listed below do not cover every incident from overnight. The listings are subject to the judgment of staff officers’ sense of what is noteworthy.


1st Precinct
7/26/12             1:51 a.m.
100 block of Virginia Street
A male reported he was assaulted by an unknown male.

4th Precinct
7/26/12             3:36 a.m.
4300 block of Chamberlayne Avenue
A female reported she was robbed at gunpoint by two unknown males. Two arrests were made.

PROPERTY CRIMES                                                                                      

1st Precinct
7/23/12 – 7/24/12           12:00 p.m. – 7:45 a.m.
1100 block of North 20th Street
An unknown person(s) slashed the tires of the vehicle.

3rd Precinct
7/14/12 – 7/25/12           8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
4200 block of Patterson Avenue
An unknown person(s) broke into the residence and stole two TVs and a firearm.

4th Precinct
7/24/12 – 7/25/12           2:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
2000 block of 2nd Avenue
An unknown person(s) broke into the residence and stole a cell phone.

4th Precinct
7/25/12                         8:00 p.m. – 11:45 p.m.
700 block of Catherine Street
An unknown person(s) damage a screened-in porch and stole a bicycle.